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Methods and means of hair restoration after loss: effectiveness evaluation

Why does hair fall out? Perhaps, for some it will be news, but daily loss of small amount of hair (from 50 to 150) when combing is natural phenomenon. The fact is that average life of hair is about 7 years. After this time, new hair appears in follicle, and old falls out.

If you notice that hair doesn`t begin to fall out when combing, as is usually case, but remain on comb in bunches, first of all, it is necessary to find out cause of such unpleasant phenomenon. Often, hair loss is directly related to hormonal disruption. Thyroid gland diseases, sex hormone imbalance, diabetes mellitus and other disorders can cause hair loss.


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Effective Hair Loss Pills

hair loss treatmentThe first thing you should do when you suffer from hair loss is to determine its type. Prior to starting you should turn to a physician and discuss the possible reasons for the problems with hair. Only then he can recommend the cure. It goes without saying that a lot of factors may impact on the result including peculiarities of person’s health and individual response to procedures. Sometimes it is no need to interfere buying finpecia or propecia online at, and hair loss will be over when the circumstances causing it disappear.


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Hair care rules

Beautiful and healthy hair can be seen immediately. They don`t need everyday styling and minimum of care. But truly beautiful curls is rarity. Environment, stress, poor nutrition, sleep problems, diseases don`t allow hair to remain in perfect condition and constantly adversely affect it. Also, our wrong hair care, multiple dyeing and curling, other experiments with curls, doesn`t add to their health.

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7 Tips to Rejuvenate and Keep Healthy

Being proactive and living life to fullest is impossible when body isn`t in order. Pain and chronic fatigue take away too much vital energy, don`t give opportunity to show their potential at 100%. But let’s face it, what does modern medicine offer?

Antibiotics that clean intestinal microflora and clean liver? Or vaccination, which destroys immune system and body’s natural ability to regenerate? We decided to find other ways that will help preserve health for many years, giving opportunity to live fully.

Sex Addiction

Hypersexuality: disease or not?

Probably, many in their dreams would like to have a passionate temperamental partner. This assertion can be applied equally to women and men. However, not all dreamers think that such elevated sexuality can be a sign of illness. The desire for constant and unrestrained sex can become an obsession, and bring not satisfaction, but, on the contrary, annoyance and dissatisfaction with oneself and others. Men and women with unrestrained sexual attraction are ready to engage in multiple sexual relations with different partners, without paying attention to moral and moral aspects, without thinking about the consequences. And for those who have problems with potency invented Kamagra Gel, which can be read more on the site


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How To Keep Healthy And Beautiful Hair In Winter?

Maintaining the hair in a well-groomed and tidy condition is a long process, including the use of various masks, the choice of the right shampoo and care products, compliance with the rules of hygiene. In the cold season hair, as well as skin, especially need protection and moisturizing. Do not be sorry for this time and effort, because hair is an indicator of health and beauty.

What causes damage to hair in winter time?

Many people in the cold season face the problem of dry, brittle and dull hair. Their growth is slower and the propensity to fall is greater. This is due to the fact that in the winter the body is affected by many factors.


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Male hair loss: causes, treatment and prevention

how-to-treat-male-pattern-baldnessit is a norm that every man loses 50-100 hairs every day. A hair lives on your head for 3-7 years. 90% of hair is in a state of a constant growth, while 10% are dormant. the stage of rest lasts up to 6 months after which a hair comes out. with time course hair should not get thinner, but often new hair does not grow on the place of come out one. This may be provoked by different diseases, head or scalp injuries. Hair rises again if causes of its loss are eliminated.

Baldness (androgenic alopecia) is a disease when round and smooth patches appear at the site of fallen hairs. With that head skin looks healthy without evident dandruff, sores or scars. More information about hair loss is available on,,20727114,00.html

Causes of hair loss

  • Aging;
  • Heredity;
  • Hormonal misbalance;
  • Mechanical affection: hair dying, blow drying, perming or poor quality of hair cosmetics;
  • Head and scalp injuries;
  • Bacterial and fungal infections, autoimmune diseases;
  • Drugs taking: antihypertensive medicines, antithrombotic agents, antidepressants, remedies for arthritis and gout, chemotherapy in oncology;
  • birth control pills taking;
  • thyroid disorders;
  • surgeries;
  • systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • unhealthy diet;
  • Stresses: physical, nervous, psychic.


The hairline gradually shifts toward a nape, at first hair comes out on temples, then on a vertex. Hair gets obviously thinner. It is a sign of local baldness. Complete baldness is characterized with hair loss on the whole surface of a scalp.

In some cases, hair loss happens in three months after partus, surgical interference or serious past diseases. Ask your healthcare provider if hair loss is followed with scalp inflammation and irritation, scales, sores, itching or suppuration appearance.


A doctor must examine you, check your test results and confirm that hair loss is not a complication of any serious disease. After that you can either ask for prescription or find a best treatment on your own. The most effective hair loss treatments will be considered below.



Propecia in Australia is as popular among men as Viagra, the only difference being is that is used to treat a male pattern of baldness.  The active agent is finasteride, a hormonal drug, which is effective not only for hair loss, but for benign prostatic hyperplasia. That is why the medication must not be taken by women.

A 1 mg pill is taken once a day with water. The length of course is 6 months. The positive results become evident in 3 months of regular use. In some cases, the dosage is increased up to 5 mg.

The scientists found out that male hair loss is caused by high amount of hormone dihydrotestosterone: its excess leads to hair follicles death and a hair’s coming out. Propecia stops production of this hormone and as a result new hair growth normalizes.

This medication has no contradictions but individual intolerance to the components. Side-effects are extremely rare and show as temporal potency disorder, libido and sperm reducing, skin allergy.


Finpecia has the same action and effectiveness as Propecia but costs rather less, this is why men often buy finpecia online. The medicine is proven to have brilliant results in male androgenic alopecia treatment. One pill of 1 mg is taken once per day on an empty stomach. The dose must not be exceeded.

The active component is Finasteride, which considerably (by 10% and more) boosts production of testosterone that is responsible for a proper work of a prostate gland and hair growth.

The treatment course is 6 months, after which hair stops falling out and follicles get much stronger.

Contradictions are hypersensitivity, obstructive uropathy, prostate cancer. A side effect is possible insignificant sexual disorder that disappears when a man stops taking the medication. This drug is completely compatible with other medicine taking.


Reconsider your diet and add zinc, iron, calcium, vitamins A, B, C, E into your ration. Use only high-quality hair cosmetics rich in organic oils and natural essences and wash your hair not more than 2 times a week. Massage regularly your head skin to improve follicles blood supply.

If hair loss is serious, you need a doctor’s consultation and examination, because baldness can be a sign

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Baldness: Beauty Problem or Disease?

Hair loss can be a natural process, and can be a sign of the beginning of an illness. The loss of 50 to 150 hairs a day is considered to be a normal, natural process within the refresh hair.

Reducing the number and thickness of the hair with age is also a natural process.

Symptoms of alopecia

If you notice that:

  • hair falls out and new does not grow
  • hair thins and becomes visible skin color
  • аfter washing the hair on the bottom of the tub are tufts of hair
  • there are obvious bald spots on the head, beard, eyebrows,

– it may be not only cosmetic defects, and psychological problem, but also an occasion to see a doctor.

Types of baldness

hair-lossWe need to distinguish androgenic alopecia (male pattern) and focal disease, also called alopecia areata, when hair loss occurs in the form of bald spots, single or multiple, the whole head.

Androgenic alopecia is caused by the presence of the male hormone testosterone in the blood, which affects the health of the hair follicles. In the cells of hair follicles was discovered enzyme, which in interaction with testosterone produces other substance – more active hormone dihydrotestosterone. It adversely affects the hair follicles: in the parietal and frontal parts of the head, they become smaller and thinner, respectively changes the hair. It is also becoming thinner and lighter, the so-called vellus hair. It is noteworthy that the follicles at the hindhead do not have receptors sensitive to testosterone, and this area of the hair is the same.

By the age of 70 years old 80% men are bald.

This type of baldness can also occur in women with high levels of testosterone in their blood. Simultaneously, as a rule, their level of estrogens have been reduced. For such women it is characteristic of hirsutism and problems with the female reproductive system.

Alopecia areata is different by androgen. It starts with one or more bare spots in various parts of the head and other body parts, where the hair is growing. To determine the cause of this type of alopecia, it is necessary to see a specialist. It is important to remember that the disease is not passed itself. It can only worsen over time.img1

Causes of alopecia areata may include:

  • radiation therapy (eg, for cancer)
  • start an autoimmune disease (systemic lupus erythematosus)
  • sudden loss of blood
  • severe emotional stress
  • severely restricting intake of nutrients (for example, a strict diet)
  • infectious disease with fever
  • Thyroid disease
  • adrenal gland tumor
  • certain types of drug therapy (beta-blockers, antidepressants)
  • some diseases (eg, syphilis)
  • hormonal dizbalans
  • a wrong shampoo, too frequent shampooing and blow-drying

By eliminating the main causes of hair loss problem, through their growth for some time it resumes.

Methods of treatment

identifyinghairlossGood results in the treatment of alopecia showed drugs finasteride and minoxidil.

In the initial stages of baldness help head massage, laser comb, traditional medicine, rub into the scalp and stimulate blood circulation (hot pepper tincture, calendula, grated onions, etc.)

Mesotherapy also shows excellent results. This procedure is chipping problem areas microinjection of special preparations that enhance follicles.

In current medical technology can adjust the baldness problem using new methods:

  • transplantation (skin flap taken from the back of the head and transplanted to the balding area
  • hair transplants seamless manner: a single hair follicle is transplanted from the donor area into the problem area with a special tool. At the same time the donor area may be the chin, chest, legs. Percentage survival of transplanted hair reaches 95%


Prevention measures include:

  • varied and balanced diet
  • avoiding harmful habits, especially smoking
  • required protection of the hair at low temperatures (headdress)