7 Tips to Rejuvenate and Keep Healthy

Being proactive and living life to fullest is impossible when body isn`t in order. Pain and chronic fatigue take away too much vital energy, don`t give opportunity to show their potential at 100%. But let’s face it, what does modern medicine offer?

Antibiotics that clean intestinal microflora and clean liver? Or vaccination, which destroys immune system and body’s natural ability to regenerate? We decided to find other ways that will help preserve health for many years, giving opportunity to live fully.

More movement

Secret of person’s well-being is complete circulation of blood and lymph. But if first of our efforts depends little and is pumped through work of heart, then lymph moves exclusively with help of muscle contractions.

What is verdict? More movement, stronger immune system, since it`s lymph that is responsible for cleaning body of toxins, maintaining water-salt balance and protecting against viruses.

In addition, due to physical activity in our body, number of capillaries increases, and with it supply of all tissues and organs with oxygen. Work of heart muscle is strengthened, pressure is normalized, strength and performance of body increases, even psyche becomes more resistant to stress.

Less chemical drugs

Paradoxically, more drugs, more diseases flourish. Viruses and bacteria have long been accustomed to most powerful antibiotics, and focus of doctors on elimination of symptoms with unwillingness to treat cause only exacerbates disaster.

Have you ever wondered how harmful simple headache pill can cause depression and liver problems? We rub anti-cellulite cream, which in fact is result of simple metabolic disorder.

We don`t allow body to overcome ARD on its own, finishing off weak immunity with chemistry that destroys body. But if you don`t use immune system, it will generally forget how to protect us.

Say “yes” to fruits and vegetables

They contain enormous amount of all vitamins and microelements we need, fruits healthy alkalize body, supporting harmonious work of all organs and systems. The more vegetables you eat, the fewer problems with your heart and vessels, the better your digestive system will work.

Natural clearing of free radicals leads to decrease in likelihood of developing cancer tumors. High fiber content in vegetables normalizes glucose levels, leads to stabilization of pressure, normalization of weight, as well as improvement of condition of skin and hair. Want to look young and be full of energy? Eat vegetable salads.

Think about benefits of water

Not only do we consist of 2/3 of water, not single biochemical process in body can do without it. It participates everywhere, nourishes body’s cells with nutrients, saving them from waste products and toxins.

In just two weeks of proper drinking regime, you can fully restore work of organs and systems, improve pressure, normalize weight, get rid of edema, acne and even drowsiness!

Water helps lymph to filter blood, removes stagnation of poisons in kidneys, 4 times reduces risk of developing arthritis, and also participates in burning of so unloved fats.

Try fasting

Benefit of fasting isn`t an empty sound, but real fact for which scientists have won Nobel Prize. Fact is that periodic cleaning of organs inside body is simply necessary, because constant work exhausting body, waste products clog body with toxins and toxins.

In order to carry out “general cleaning” from inside, system of medical fasting was developed, which helps not only to recycle garbage, but also to restore body cells, eliminate chronic diseases, lose weight and even rejuvenate!

Don`t forget to get enough sleep

Healthy sleep not only returns strength, but also starts regeneration processes. After active waste of resources throughout day, body really needs to restore its reserves, harmonize work of organs, and stabilize blood sugar levels.

It`s complete sleep that allows nerve cells to recover, normalize metabolism, production of hormones and T-lymphocytes. Full and deep sleep is prevention of many diseases, reduces risk of headaches, and also protects person from depression.

Show sun often

We all heard about how harmful direct sunlight is, how ill-fated UV light destroys skin and causes cancer. However, these warnings are given to those who are abused in smol tan. Truly being in open sun, especially in morning, does incredible things with our body!

Hormonal balance is leveled, mood improves, stress resistance increases. And sun’s rays trigger production of vitamin D, which promotes absorption of calcium, thereby strengthening bone tissue.

Are you still looking for ways to restore body resources and restore wellbeing? Then use these simple health tips to help restore vitality and pleasure.