Effective Hair Loss Pills

hair loss treatmentThe first thing you should do when you suffer from hair loss is to determine its type. Prior to starting you should turn to a physician and discuss the possible reasons for the problems with hair. Only then he can recommend the cure. It goes without saying that a lot of factors may impact on the result including peculiarities of person’s health and individual response to procedures. Sometimes it is no need to interfere buying finpecia or propecia online at https://www.onlinevgraaustralia.net/propecia/, and hair loss will be over when the circumstances causing it disappear.

Different types of hair loss

The most frequent problem is pattern baldness caused by inability of human organism to make new hairs to grow. It commonly happens with men. It is permanent and unfortunately there are just some effective treatments for this kind of hair loss. The specialists say that pattern baldness depends on genes and on male sex hormones in some cases. The statistics shows that about 25% of men start lose hair by their age 30, and more than half of men are bald by age 60. If women face the same problem, it means that their body produces too much testosterone. It is observed after menopause more often and if a man usually has a bald patch on his top, a woman loses hair throughout the scalp while frontal hair stays as it was. Unfortunately this kind of baldness cannot be cured completely by any hair loss treatment.

Alopecia areata is specified as an autoimmune disease. In this case the hair falls from different parts of head and face including eyelashes. It is possible to renew hair when the disease is managed. Sometimes it begins growing even without treatment.

If the head is invaded with fungal infection, there can be so called tinea capitis. One can treat it using antifungal drugs.

The hair loss can be caused by:

  • hormonal imbalance, which can be easily corrected and the problem will be solved;
  • telogen effluvium as the result of difficult surgery or even emotional stress;
  • anagen effluvium as the result of chemotherapy medicines;
  • traction alopecia as the result of tight hairstyles destroying the hair follicles;
  • a range of diseases like diabetes;
  • lupus;
  • using some drugs;
  • different kinds of eating disorders.

Some popular pills

As it was said above, the pattern baldness is a permanent condition, but using special pills for hair loss it is possible to slow the process or even to prevent its development. The therapy can last during about half-year but the result won’t be maintained after intake of medication is over. In other words the former pattern baldness will return. Still we can recommend Propecia. Being a 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor it prevents testosterone from converting into 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It can be prescribed only for men. One of its side effects is a decrease in sex drive and even sexual function.

For female pattern baldness Spironolactone is used inhibiting the production of androgens. It also can decrease libido and in general is not completely safe as far as causes other health problems.

There are no medicines intended right for alopecia areata. But Corticosteroids can be useful as far as it is used to cure many autoimmune diseases suppressing the immune system. It provides with hair growth but does not treat the underlying deviation.

The web-site http://www.webmd.com/ tells you about the best hair loss treatment in details.