Hair care rules

Beautiful and healthy hair can be seen immediately. They don`t need everyday styling and minimum of care. But truly beautiful curls is rarity. Environment, stress, poor nutrition, sleep problems, diseases don`t allow hair to remain in perfect condition and constantly adversely affect it. Also, our wrong hair care, multiple dyeing and curling, other experiments with curls, doesn`t add to their health.

Regardless of age, hair type, social status, hair needs proper care. Attractiveness of woman lies in grooming of her hair.

So, how to properly care for curls? What is possible and what is absolutely contraindicated for use?

Washing and drying

It must be provided with using of these tips:

  • Shampoo should be suitable for your hair type: shampoos for oily hair contain many dryers, and for dry hair – oils, panthenol. Dry hair shampoo for oily will dry more, cause itching, and oily hair washed with shampoo for dry wouldn`t rinse and make it heavier.
  • Don`t use baby shampoos for washing – they aren`t suitable for adult scalp (different acidity) and aren`t able to wash and clean it well from grease and dirt.
  • Wash your hair with cool water. Bulbs don`t tolerate change in water temperature, and sebaceous glands activate production of fat if head is washed with hot water. Therefore, most optimal temperature is slightly cool.
  • Wash curls with shampoo twice. First time we wash off dirt, and second – we give useful components of shampoo to nourish scalp with useful elements.
  • You can wash your hair every day, but choose shampoo with neutral pH (= 7).
  • It`s best to wash your hair as it gets dirty.
  • After washing, rinse them with green tea infusion.
  • It`s better to dry in natural way, use hair dryer as rarely as possible.
  • Don`t wrap wet hair in towel for a long time (30 minutes or more).
  • If you can`t do without hair dryer, then it should be dried with cold stream of air and at distance of about 10 cm.

With serious problems with scalp and hair, be sure to go to specialist: trichologist, dermatologist, so as not to miss and exacerbate possible diseases.


You must do it correctly:

  • Don`t brush your hair immediately after washing – this can damage hair structure.
  • Comb your hair often. When combing, teeth massage scalp, which results in stronger flow of blood to bulbs, and this is additional nourishment and growth stimulation.
  • If you put some lavender oil on comb, you can remove excess electricity from strands.
  • Comb should be wooden or brush with natural bristles. Plastic can damage hair scales. Metal teeth combs can damage scalp.
  • For easier combing (especially long hair), use balms and conditioners. 

Coloring, Curling

You can do it in such manner:

  • If possible, don`t completely dye your hair very often.
  • Use special shampoos and conditioners for colored strands, if you have dyed your hair.
  • After curling you can`t paint curls.
  • Remove iron curlers and don`t use them.
  • Use curtains and irons as little as possible.

Basic hair care tips

And, finally, some tips, which will be useful for everyone:

  • Hair doesn`t like temperature drops. In winter and summer it`s necessary to wear hats. High bulbs suffer from high and low temperatures –hair loss is accelerated and thinned, hence brittleness.
  • Once every 3 months you need to visit hairdresser and adjust shape (cut off tips of hair). So, hairstyle looks more well-groomed and growth process improves.
  • In use of hair care products need measure. You can`t use masks, rinses, balms all together and every day. Hair becomes heavy, hard and poorly stacked.
  • Pleasant smell from hair is very good: before leaving house, put little perfume on your hair.
  • Once a week it`s good to massage scalp and root area.
  • Headgear should be in size and not be tied to the head. Constriction leads to impaired blood circulation of hair roots.

It seems that there are a lot of rules and it will be very difficult to remember all of them, but this isn`t so. Much of this has long been known and partially respected by many, something you don`t need (for example, you have short and not colored haircut), but you yourself consider something to be unnecessary. But, at least some of these tips are highly recommended for you to still remember and use, for that your hair will tell you only thanks!