Hollywood Smile Without Problems: Simple Rules For Teeth Care

Hollywood smile is everyone’s dream! For this we need not only white, but also healthy and strong teeth. According to statistics, main cause of tooth loss is due to insufficient care, so we suggest that you remember mandatory rules to make smile perfect.

Oral hygiene

For ideal teeth, you need to carefully take care of good oral hygiene – this is important process for prevention of various diseases of teeth and gums. Many bacteria remain in upper part of mouth and tongue, so they can cause unpleasant smell. In order to prevent this, dentists recommend that oral hygiene be given at least 1 minute.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day

Brushing your teeth once a day isn`t enough for good dental hygiene. You need to do this at least two times. Process of thorough cleaning takes at least 2-3 minutes minimum, because it`s important to clean each section.

Correct toothbrush

To select toothbrush, you must take into account characteristics of gums and teeth. So, important criterion for selection is precisely rigidity of toothbrush. The most popular are 3 types of toothbrushes: soft, medium hardness and hard.

According to recommendations of dentists, you need to change your toothbrush at least every three months to prevent growth of bacteria.

Proper Toothpaste

Main attribute of teeth care is paste. It helps to perfectly clean plaque from teeth, disinfect, and also bleach. For example, toothpastes from coal line help to achieve perfect smile with healthy white teeth and fresh breath thanks to microparticles of black activated carbon.

Dental floss

Don`t forget about other tools in process of cleaning teeth. Dental floss helps to clean out remnants of food that accumulate in interdental spaces.

Say no to smoking

Smoking and other bad habits not only badly affect body, but also significantly worsen condition of teeth. Smoking tobacco leaves plaque and paints teeth in unpleasant color. According to sad statistics, about 40% of smokers under 65 are left without teeth. Therefore, you need to carefully take care of your lifestyle in order to boast a real Hollywood smile.