How To Keep Healthy And Beautiful Hair In Winter?

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Maintaining the hair in a well-groomed and tidy condition is a long process, including the use of various masks, the choice of the right shampoo and care products, compliance with the rules of hygiene. In the cold season hair, as well as skin, especially need protection and moisturizing. Do not be sorry for this time and effort, because hair is an indicator of health and beauty.

What causes damage to hair in winter time?

Many people in the cold season face the problem of dry, brittle and dull hair. Their growth is slower and the propensity to fall is greater. This is due to the fact that in the winter the body is affected by many factors.

1) dry air. The hair is much stronger when the humidity level is not sufficient. The tips start to look very much. The hair is weighted and starts to fall out actively. The volume decreases and generally spoils their general appearance.

2) cold. The cold affects the vessels, and therefore the circulatory system. The blood flow to the skin, including the scalp, is disrupted. The hair takes on a dull hue.

3) snow. In winter it is recommended to walk in a hat, not only for preservation of quality of hair, but also for protection of health.

4) Lowering the level of vitamins required. Because of the decrease in winter, the amount of fruit and vegetable consumption is less than the nutrients.

5) sharp temperature drops. The temperature in the rooms and on the face is very different in winter. Constant changes in thermo regulation cause negative effects on the scalp, and therefore on the hair. In addition, there are heating systems in the premises, which also increase the dryness of the hair.

Peculiarities of hair care in winter

In winter it is necessary to take care of hair more carefully and regularly. There are certain rules of care, allowing to keep shine and elasticity of hair in cold time:

1) Application of hats. A hat, warm handkerchief or other headgear can protect the hair from the effects of wind, cold, snow and other natural phenomena typical of winter. No need to hope for the hood, it will not be able to provide the necessary level of protection.

2) use of special cosmetic products. The usual means of care is better to change to special shampoos and conditioners. Nourishing and moisturizing means will soften the hair. Some manufacturers of cosmetics specially develop a line for hair care in cold time.

3) Masks. They act as an additional but effective means of care. Allow to restore shine of hair and soften them. Can be made from materials that are available at home.

4) Vitamin intake. In winter, you should drink a course of vitamins that support the entire body. The hair needs amino acids and trace elements.

5) Massages. Scalp needs stimulation of blood circulation. Massage can be carried out with the usual comb with teeth or fingers of hands.

6) Trimming tips. Split ends contribute to the destruction of the structure of the hair, its delamination.

Secrets of hair care in winter time

Hair health can be supported not only with expensive cosmetics, but also in home ways, such as masks.

1) Vitamins. The heated blend of castor oil and retinol is perfect for hair care. It should be warmed up, put on hair, in an hour to wash off.

2) Mask of kefir. You can also replace yogurt and buttermilk. The mask must be kept for about 40 minutes, wrapping the hair with a film.

3) Nourishing Mask. You can perfectly combine the yolk, aloe and apple cider vinegar. It is recommended to wash off such mask with shampoo. This will eliminate the specific odor of the egg.

4) Banana mask. Puree made of banana should be mixed with vegetable oil and sour cream. The received mix to wash off not earlier, than in half an hour.

5) Yeast. Yeast helps to improve the hair structure, eliminate the loss and give elasticity.

Hair care in winter should be the most thorough and amplified. Hair can be significantly affected by a large number of internal and external factors. The use of good cosmetics, masks, vitamins will keep the shine, elasticity and softness. In order to make the hair look beautiful in the summer season, it is important to care for them in winter.